About Us

At studio noulee, a newly founded design collective, our innate desire for collaboration fuels a refreshing candor that permeates every project we undertake. From the initial concept to the final stages of construction, our team's ingenuity and thoughtful approach cultivate meaningful connections, resulting in interiors that truly captivate and inspire. We believe in going beyond aesthetics, striving to create spaces that evoke emotions and engage the senses, ensuring that each design reflects the unique vision and aspirations of our clients.


Having gained her experience in internationally recognized firms, Carly Villeneuve possesses an inquisitive nature, technological aptitude, and a remarkable ability to connect with other creatives and clients. These qualities have propelled her into a diverse range of opportunities and roles as a young designer. From the initial concept to the final construction, Carly upholds unwavering commitment to high standards, making her an invaluable resource of knowledge and approaching all projects with genuine humility. In addition to designing with the end participant in mind, Carly strives to ensure that clients, consultants, and colleagues not only enjoy the process and learning experiences of every project but also feel truly inspired by them. When she's not gushing over her rescue dog, Soady, Carly eagerly seeks out conversations where she can absorb new knowledge and broaden her horizons.


With 10 years of experience in high-end residential design, Colleen Lee has honed her skills with a passion for creating luxurious and captivating spaces. Throughout her career, Colleen has led numerous high-profile residential projects, overseeing every aspect from initial concept development to the final touches of completion. Her meticulous attention to detail and innate ability to understand her clients' needs have earned her a reputation for delivering exceptional results. With a keen eye for selecting the finest pieces and a deep understanding of how to blend them harmoniously, Colleen creates visually stunning and functional interiors tailored to her clients' unique lifestyles.

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